Track Screw Ltd is a unique business offering supply of Track Screw anchors and hire of unique installation equipment. These anchors are the new emerging conical helix style screw foundations that have been recently requested by LUL on a number of new infrastructure projects and are currently under consideration by NWR for small trackside assets.

A single Track Screw can replace a cubic metre of concrete, can be installed in less than 10 minutes and can be loaded immediately!

With its speed of installation reducing time on site, lower element weights reducing manual handling risks and the complete removal of curing times, Track Screw installations make a significant cost saving on any project compared to traditional concrete foundations.

Track Screw is a UK trade name for conical helix screw anchors, not to be confused with helical piles or parallel screw piles. They are manufactured by number of suppliers worldwide, however, they were first designed & manufactured in Germany.

Track Screw type products have been in use for more than 30 years in Europe and around 10 year in the UK, over 10,000 on the UK Highways Network and more than 100,000 used on UK solar farms. Track Screw anchors are available in a selection of finish grades, providing lifespans of up to 100 years* in any ground conditions.

Track Screw Ltd (TSL) is not an installation company, we can supply Track Screw anchors and hire our unique installation equipment. TSL also train & certify your installers, provide assistance with screw selection at tender stage, once orders are received we can complete full calculations, compliance submissions for both LUL (CDS) & NWR (F001, F002 & F003) and complete on-site screw testing, alternatively, we can hire testing kits and train operators in their use.

Track Screws have now been approved and install in live trackside locations on both the NWR and LUL networks. The speed and simplicity of the installation process and product have provided significant savings and this can be demonstrated by the various case studies that are available for download.

* Based on 316 stainless steel anchors.

We were shortlisted for Design Innovation at UK RIA 2016 Awards!

Track Screw Ltd were shortlisted for Design Innovation at UK RIA 2016 Awards !

The innovative design of the Tools and Earth Screws that Track Screw offers has proven to save up to 90% of your Labour time enabling projects to be delivered faster, more safely and with minimal environmental impact.

Read more about the UK RIA here and stay connected for more news!

Track Screw is offering a variety of different specialised screws to match your needs.

Weight in kg

Description (top diameter & length)

Connection Type

Open tube with nuts for gripping 11.0 Ø 114mm stepped 1300mm long Open tube with nuts for gripping inserted item.
8.5 Ø 114mm stepped 1000mm long
7.8 Ø 90mm, 1300mm long
6.6 Ø 90mm, 1000 long
Drilled flange with captive nut 16.0 Ø 114mm stepped, 1600mm long Drilled flange with captive nut.
13.0 Ø 114mm stepped, 1300mm long
14.0 Ø 90mm, 1600mm long
11.5 Ø 90mm, 1300mm long
Drilled perimeter flange 17.0 Ø 140mm stepped, 1600mm long Drilled perimeter flange
13.5 Ø 140mm stepped, 1300mm long

Track Screw is offering a variety of services to help you on your projects.

Equipment Hire

Track Screw can hire you all the equipment you will need.

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Training & Monitoring

Track Screw can provide you with training and monitoring

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Technical Support

Track Screw is here to offer you all the technical support you might need.

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Installation Equipment Pack

Battery Powered 4500Nm or 5800Nm driver motor
Battery Powered 4800Nm driver motor (20kg) (each supplied with 4-batteries & 1-charger)
110V 4500Nm Drive Motor
110v 4500Nm drive motor (17.5kg)
Carry/Guide Handle (5kg)
Carry/Guide Handle (5kg)
Aluminium Reaction Arm (18kg)
Aluminium Reaction Arm (18kg)
Drive Adaptor (5-8kg)
Drive Adaptor (5-8kg)


110v 4500Nm Drive Motor (17.5kg) – capable of driving 1.2m* screws Make an Enquiry
Battery Powered 4800Nm Drive Motor (20kg) – capable of driving 1.8m* screws Make an Enquiry

All units are supplied with; Carry/Guide Handle, Reaction Arm, Relevant Drive Adaptor to suit Track Screws provided.
Battery Powered units are also supplied with 4 spare batteries and charger unit (230v) Screw length* - Assumes firm ground (SPT/N values over 20)

Training & Monitoring


Installer Training, maximum 8 attendees, 1-day course Make an Enquiry
Annual Installer Refresher Training, maximum 8 attendees, ½ -day course Make an Enquiry
6 Monthly on Site Installer Monitoring Audit, one location only Make an Enquiry
Track Screw Ltd Supervisor on Site to Advise Installation Team, one location only Make an Enquiry
  • Courses generally to be held at suitable subcontractor premises, but off-site training can be arranged if required.
  • Site audits to be carried out on active installation sites. Auditors hold NWR PTS and LUL Lucas cards.
  • The course includes a classroom session and a practical session, with attendees being assessed on the day and being given a basic test in addition to an assessment of their practical knowledge to achieve approval.
  • The course pack includes information to be retained by the installer for quick reference and example installation methodology to assist with the preparation of RAMS.

Pictures, Videos & Downloads



Video of Trial Installation.
*Product Under Patent Review.


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